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Historical background

It is well documented that with the introduction of Gaming Machines in 1994 community clubs became disadvantaged organisations in terms of competition with hotels. There were a number of reasons for this, but in 2003 it was perceived that the very important service which community clubs provided were being prejudiced and harmed by the attraction of patrons to hotels rather than to the grass roots community clubs.

This was the reason for the submissions to the Inquiry of Gaming Machine Numbers by Clubs SA and formed the basis for the introduction of a special organisation to look after the interests of community clubs generally in South Australia.

A core part of the strategy to revitalise clubs was the development of the concept that allowed them to cooperate to pool resources and capital so that they might preserve and expand their marginalised section of the gaming market.

The concept was became known as Club One (SA) Limited and it was advocated by the peak body of licensed clubs, Clubs SA.

In 2005, Club One (SA) Limited became a reality as the result of sustained, successful and persistent lobbying by Clubs SA.

The newly elected Labor government set up an inquiry into Managing Gaming Machine Numbers and - at the request of the then Executive Director, Clubs SA, Michael Keenan and the then Minister, John Hill - the inquiry was instructed to heed “representations which have been made by the Licensed Clubs’ Association of South Australia Inc about the special situation of licensed clubs”.

The then Clubs SA Executive Director, Michael Keenan made representations to the Independent Gaming Authority hearings that included the need for relief for clubs, the co-ordination of club gaming and specific forms of support for licensed and unlicensed sporting and community clubs.

The Independent Gaming Authority agreed with the proposed concept of Club One (SA) Limited and made it an integral part of its report. This report, in turn, formed the basis of the legislation.

The Parliament also agreed with Clubs SA that Club One (SA) Limited provide the key mechanism to ensure the sustainability of licensed community and sporting clubs. As a result, the Special Club Licence was created as part of the Gaming Machine (Amendment) Bill 2004.

Club One (SA) Limited

The culmination of this work resulted in Club One (SA) Limited being formed by a resolution of Clubs SA in February 2005.

It has a Board that complies with the requirements of the Act, as the Board members have been selected for their expertise in the business and management of gambling and its consequences.

Club One (SA) Limited received its Special Club Licence to operate on 14 October 2006.