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Welcome to the official website of Club One (SA) Limited

Club One Limited Annual Reports

Club One (SA) Limited holds a Special Club License created by section 27 (b) of the Gaming Machine Act 1992. The Act, its regulations and the License require Club One to provide annual reports to parliament and to make ongoing report to the Commissioner of Liquor and Gambling.

The Act imposes at 24A—Special club licence

  1. A special club licence is subject to the following further conditions:
    1. a condition requiring the holder of the licence to submit for the Commissioner's approval contracts or arrangements under which management services are to be provided, officers or employees engaged in senior management positions are to be remunerated or profits are to be shared with other licensees;
    2. a condition requiring the holder of the licence to provide a report to the Minister, no later than 30 September in each year, on the conduct of its financial affairs during the financial year ending on the previous 30 June, including reference to distribution of funds among community, sporting and recreational groups;
    3. other conditions determined by the Commissioner and specified in the licence.
  2. The Minister must, within 12 sitting days of receiving the report referred to above, cause a copy of the report to be laid before each House of Parliament.

Additionally, the Act Regulations prevent Club One from selling Gaming Machine Entitlements unless the relevant Minister agrees;

5C—Offer to sell entitlement in trading round

(2) Club One may only submit an offer to sell a gaming machine entitlement if the Minister responsible for the administration of the Recreational Greenways Act 2000 gives his or her approval. (Made by the Governor: with the advice and consent of the Executive Council on 14 July 2011 No 179 of 2011: 11MGA0002CS)

The Special Club License (a copy of which may be found by entering the Commission's data base via the website) has additional reporting requirements to those of the Act, they are conditions 4-8;

  1. the licensee must seek the prior written approval of the Commissioner for any changes to the constitution of Club One (SA) Limited;
  2. the licensee will submit for the Commissioner’s approval any finance contract, agreement or arrangement relating to the operation of Club One (SA) Limited
  3. the licensee must seek the prior written approval of the Commissioner before entering into an agreement under which Club One (SA) Limited possesses approved gaming machines and operates them on premises in respect of which someone else holds a gaming machine licence as agent of the holder of the gaming machine licence;
  4. the licensee must seek the prior written approval of the Commissioner before engaging any person as an employee, or any person party to an agreement which is required to be approved by the Commissioner. Note: In determining whether a person is fit and proper for this purpose, the Commissioner will treat the application as if it was an application made under Part 4 of the Gaming Machines Act;
  5. the licensee must seek the prior written approval of the Commissioner for any contract or arrangement entered into between Club One (SA) Limited and any other party for the provision of technical and management services or any profit sharing arrangement or agreement.

The Commissioner reports to the activities of Club One in the Commissioner’s Annual Report.

Club One also reports to its members [South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and the Licensed Clubs Association (Clubs SA)] annually at the AGM and both bodies have nominees on the Club One board.

As part of its commitment to transparency and probity Club One has produced an annual review in the form of an Annual Report. It now undertakes an annual review through a report of its Chair and Executive Officer on this page.